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Wholesale Perks

More and more cafes and restaurants are buying from us. They love that their customers love our ice cream. We’ve had so much positive feedback that we’re launching our retail packs! So watch out for our chime coming to a shop near you soon! We are a friendly bunch, so contact us now and let’s talk ice cream.

There are over thirty flavours to choose from – from our amazing Scottish/Italian vanilla using a traditional secret vanilla recipe and only the best Scottish ingredients, to more crazy funs ones. Scotland is a country known for our quality food and drink. So there’s a Scottish tablet ice cream and an Iron Brew one. But like most things in life, we all like different things so there is a flavour for everyone. Choose from our full range and come back to see new flavours being added all the time!

Let us know what’s your favourite

Alan’s Favourite

I’m a traditional kind of guy so it’s vanilla for me ever time.

Andrew’s Favourite

I’m a chocoholic so for me it has to be straight chocolate, although our ‘Rocher’ is just amazing’!

What we can offer

Point of Sale

Making your shop look good brings in the customers. We’ve designed point of sale that can be used on counters, walls, and in the fridge, as well as having a Pavement Signs to let people know that you stock Gizzi inside. Let us know what you want and we can try and get your shop looking great.

Toppings / Sauces

We’ve got all the toppings and sauces you would ever want. Of course there is load of flavour in our ice creams but you have to give your customer their favourite additions, so whether it’s sprinkles, flakes, or sauces we can provide you with a range that will work for everyone.


We’ve been in the ice cream, business a long time. So we know what works and what looks great in any size of shop. Let us give you advice and help you set up your shop do that it is the perfect customer experience.

Become a seller

Get Pure Chilled! Contact us if you want to know more about out ice cream and our service!


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