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Where it began…

Read here about why well never change our recipes and why our ice cream has a great mouthful and stays with you for a long long time. Delicious ice cream that creates memories. 

In the 1980s our Dad bought the ice cream business from Norman Gizzi.

Back then the only flavour was vanilla, and it was all about giving the ice cream vans and cafes of South Lanarkshire ice cream they would be happy selling.

Fast forward to 2017 and we decided to broaden the range to 40 plus flavours.

Ice cream conjures up childhood memories. Remember the chime of the ice cream van? When you think back to those days you cant but smile.

Our vanilla is the base for many of our great flavours. The key thing was to keep the original idea intact. Ice cream that we could be proud of.

Our own Scottish/Italian recipes all use pure quality ingredients, with delicious Scottish cream, and just a touch of Scottish butter to give a mouth feel that lasts and lasts.

Weve tried our ice cream on friends and customers. The one thing that always happens, is the the taste stays with them. Even a few hours after tasting the ice cream theyll say what our pal, Stephen, said: By the way, that ice cream was pure brilliant!

Well never change the way we make ice cream. Well not pump air to make it go further. It has to be pure unadulterated deliciousness. Every spoonful has to transport you back.

And, now its ready for all guys to try.

So get pure chilled with us!
And enjoy!

Aye scream!

You may have noticed the pun?? Our ice cream is Italian but made with a Scottish accent. We started this to have a bit of fun. After all if you cant have fun making ice cream there would be something wrong with you. In Scotland you may know it’s not always sunny and warm so we eat ice cream to forget about our summers. But we suppose our climate gives us the great produce we use make our ice cream, and that makes it worth screaming about.


Aye Scream Again!

The scary thing about many ice creams out there is that there is no cream in their ice cream. In days gone by some some so called ice creams had pig fat or lard in them. Today, vegetable, corn and rape seed oil is used. It’s enough to make you scream! So look at the ingredients on our product pages. Pure Ice Cream all the way!




The creamiest, best mouthfeel of any ice cream out there!


Our ingredients are Scottish apart from things like chocolate - we don’t have chocolate trees here!


You’ll remember our ice cream long after you’ve tasted it!

What Flavour are you?

We think we have a flavour for everyone – but let us know if you have any you’d like us to try! Square Sausage and brown sauce anyone??

Pronounced Geezie

A lot of people call us Gissie – you wouldn’t call a Pizza Pissie – It’s Geezie with the emphasis on the ‘ee’

Still have a freezing question?

We are a friendly bunch, so contact us now and let’s talk Pure ice cream.