The U.S.’s Favourite Ice Creams

July 18th is World Ice Cream Day, and last year there was an American survey that analysed not only articles listing different ice-cream flavours, but also hashtags that had been used for ice cream flavours.

There are some unusual ones in the list – they obviously havent tried our Ochil Fudge Tablet, or our Caramel Shortcake!

Heres the list – let us know what your favourite is:

1) Vanilla

2) Matcha

3) Chocolate

4) Coconut

5) Strawberry

6) Banana

7) Mango

8) Oreo

9) Coffee

10) Pistachio

11) Ube

12) Cookie dough

13) Avocado

14) Mint

15) Pumpkin

16) Cotton candy

17) Salted caramel

18) Bubble gum

19) Peanut butter

20) Blueberry